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Version: 1.0

Standard License


Non-Commercial License only for one user and for one year.





Commercial License for different users by for one year.




PRO License

Command Line

Command Line License you can use through command prompt.





For unlimited user at Different Geographical Locations




Frequently Asked Question

How much time it takes to receive the License Version?

Within 24 hours of all formalities done, the license version will be dispatch to you through email. You can contact use through chat or mail of you fail receive the license details.

What is difference between the 4 License versions?

All 4 licenses Version serves different Purposes, which are:

Commercial License: It could be used by different users for 1 year, but only at a same geographical location.

Non-Commercial License: It could only be used by 1 user for 1 year.

Command Line: With this license you can use the Software through command prompt

Enterprise: Different users at different geographical location could use it for 1 year. With this license we provide both Command Line & Standalone. *EXE.

Any special offers of Education Organizations?

We do have special 5-10% discount on all the products for Educational Intuitions. For Further query regarding this contact us. Drop a mail on support@birdiesoftware.com or you can contact use through chat.

Is there any Alternate method to make payment, apart for online option?

We provide you two alternate options for payment: