How to Unlock PDF to Allow Printing?

I am a legal representative by profession and I have to use PDF file according to my profession, but due to protection in PDF files I am unable to work in a fluent way. I need a tool which can help me to unlock my PDF files and allow me to print my PDF Document without any complication. Is there any suitable program to Unlock PDF files without creating any confusion?

It is pretty much obvious that the PDF file in question is locked with owner password protection.

In Adobe you get 2 types of password restriction to protect the PDF document, which are:

User Password: When applied, the PDF file cannot be opened unless the password is provided.

Owner Password: When applies, the PDF can be opened & viewed but printing, editing & copying becomes restricted.

How to verify if the PDF if protected with owner password protection?

There are 2 ways for verifying this:

  1. Check if there is a lock icon on the PDF (most probably on the left side) file, if there is click on that icon & you can see the following message
    ("This documents has an open password or modify password. You cannot edit, print or copy this document Permission Detail like below image")

  2. Open the PDF go to File >> Print >>

    If the PDF if protected then you will get the following message"This printer is not allowed for secure printing".

One you have concluded that your PDF is protected with owner password protection the next step is to remove the protection. But How?

There is manual procedure available for removing printing restriction from PDF but there are some glitch:

It is lengthy process

You must be aware of the password applied

You can only remove protection from 1 PDF file at a time

So insist of wasting time in manual process we recommend users to get away with the instant solution i.e third-party tool could be used to do the job. They are available in plenty in market & most have very simple & easy process.

But before you purchase you must also check all the aspects of the tool, its working & price. To check that the best option is to try the demo of the program so that you can decide after using that whether it's right or not.

With PDF Security Remover of Birdie Software you will be able to try the program in advance to purchasing it. This tool very easily removes protection of your PDF document so that you can print it without an issue.

The steps to unlock PDF is very easy with the tool, just follow through the given instructions:

  1. Launch the application in a Windows Machine
  2. Select PDF file: You can either choose each PDF file 1 by 1 or use the Add folder option to select multiple files at once

  3. Click Remove button, choose any location to save the unlocked PDF

Some attractive features which this program provides are:

  1. It can unlock PDF files in batch, you just have to save all PDF files in 1 folder then select that folder using Add folder option.
  2. No changes done to the original files, the tool creates a copy & then remove restriction & save the file in your chosen location.
  3. Keeps all formatting & images intact, you will not have to face with a data loss situation.

Once you have verified the restrictions using Birdie PDF Security Remover then you can open the PDF file & see that there is no lock icon in the file, its means the restrictions has been removed & you can print the document easily.

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