Export Postbox to Outlook PST format

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Postbox is a very simple and easy to use email client, it has features like file sharing option, smart contacts sidebar option, Send and Archive option, emailing, messaging, etc. But Postbox is not that much successful, because it is very new application, plus has no user based features.

Postbox saves its emails in .eml format but its mailbox format is MBOX and we all know that MS Outlook used to save its data into PST file format. Postbox has to option to export data into MS Outlook. If you want to export Postbox to Outlook, then first you have to convert Postbox to Outlook PST format as it saves files in mbox format and to do that you should use the perfect software that helps you to convert postbox emails into PST format with accurate emails data and details.

Export Postbox Mails to Outlook — Why?

Postbox provide you option to import emails from MS Outlook but it will not provide any option to export emails form it and also there is no option to export Postbox mails to Outlook. Postbox saves its individual emails in .eml format and its mailbox is saved in without extension like – INBOX, OUTBOX.

When we go to Postbox store location, we found that two type of files are created by Postbox application, but as we know that Postbox Mailbox has no extension but it also create backup file with .msf extension.

Location of Postbox - C:\ Users \ admin \ AppData \ Roaming \ Postbox \ Profiles \ mmpwb7x1.default \ Mail

So to have MBOX file we have to rename the postbox without extension files with .mbox file for example – rename the INBOX file with INBOX.mbox.

Export Postbox to Outlook — How?

Postbox to Outlook Converter can fix that, Overcome with Postbox by switching emails from Postbox to Outlook

To do that task, you have to convert your Postbox emails into PST format and to perform this, you need an expert tool that would help you to convert Postbox mailbox without any problem.

MBOX Converter is the right tool that convert Postbox mailbox to PST, it support to convert Postbox Mailbox without extension or with MBOX extension file for conversion. You only have to add the folder to software from postbox store location.

When you use this software, without any problem you will be able to export multiple mailboxes of Postbox to Outlook PST format and software will make sure that all the emails formatting, attributes, items and attachments will remains as it is.

Convert Postbox to Outlook

Postbox to Outlook

After completing the conversion process import the converted PST file to MS Outlook. And once you import PST in Outlook then also you can Export Postbox Outlook Exchange

Features — Postbox to Outlook Converter

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