Easy Process to Convert MSG to Windows Live Mail

Being an Admin my job involves lot of emailing work, for the past few years I have been using MDaemon, but a recent change in the working set up in my office has compel me to change into Windows Live Mail[WLM]. I have gather all the MDaemon messages before uninstalling the application, but the problem is that I am not able to open this messages in Live Mail as the files of MDaemon are in MSG format & Live Mail does not support the format. I am just looking for a faster way to get the messages from MS Outlook to Live Mail, suggest a quick solution.

MSG files are single messages, mostly we associate it with Outlook but applications like Zimbra & MDaemon also saves there messages in this format. So if you have come to accumulate MSG files somehow then you can easily view them in any of these program if you want.

But the users of WLM cannot do the same as there is no option to open or import MSG files into WLM. At today's time there are plenty solution which are available to do the job for you, for the fact this methods are quite reliable & trustworthy.

One such solution is , which you can easily try with full confident for MSG to Windows Live Mail Conversion.

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What is and its features?

As mentioned above MSG files cannot be directly opened in WLM but if you convert the files into EML format then you can open them as WLM supports EML format. It can be noted that software has lots of benifit, it has been developed keeping in mind to make it user friendly and easily understandable. It has various features like it will allow you to convert mails in a big amount. Option to convert single and multiple file is available also. It will allow to convert .msg file from any of the supported application there is no restriction but software will only run on Windows OS of all versions. There will be no problem with attachments too, no alteration in attached files format will be seen and they will remain same.

How to convert MSG files into EML format?

  1. First, Download & Install the software in you system
  2. Then launch the application from all programs
  3. Now select files from your machine
  4. "Convert Messages to EML" Click here
  5. Once conversion is over you will get a completion message

How to open the converted EML in WLM?

Just copy the EML files & paste them in WLM store file location your machine

If Windows XP:

If Windows 7 & 8:

Now open WLM & view the emails there, best part of the software is that it keeps all the components & properties of the emails intact, some of its features:

  1. It converts the files along with the attachment files, you can view the attach files in their actual format in WLM as well.
  2. It keeps the intact formatting whether in HTML or RTF format, tool will retain all the background, links, font, color, etc.
  3. It also keeps email metadata properties such as – To, cc, bcc, from, etc. Also maintains the Read/Unread Status & keeps the send & receive date/time stamp.

You have a better option to make yourself very much clear about the software you can download the trial version before using its paid Licensed Version. If you will be convinced then you can purchase.

FREE Download Now
Version: 2.5
Purchase Now
Price: $29