Steps to convert MSG to TIFF format

How it Works? – Birdie MSG to TIFF Converter


Install MSG to TIFF Converter

(Go to menu start >> All Programs >> Birdie MSG to TIFF Converter)

Launch MSG to TIFF Converter


Browse MSG files - In this software, there are two different option to browse MSG files like:

  1. Add MSG File(s) :Browse MSG files one by one and convert into TIFF format, if you like to convert more than single MSG file you can also do this, by using "Ctrl + Click" and select multiple MSG files for conversion.
  2. Add Folder having MSG File(s)May be you have multiple MSG files for conversion. In that case, you have to save all the MSG files in one common folder and then browse folder of MSG files by using "Add Folder having MSG File(s)" button..

Select MSG Files


Select appropriate File Naming Options - This software offers you eight different file naming option, by making use of this option you can save your converted TIFF file in any of the following naming options.

Choose File Name option


1. You can go with "Save Attachment in Same Folder" : By choosing this you will be able to find your attachment in same folder where you have saved your converted TIFF files.

2. Or if you choose "Save Attachments in Respective Folders" option, after conversion you will find your attachments saved in newly created folders for each attachment.

Save Attachments


Start Conversion - You have to click on "Convert Messages to TIFF" button to start conversion process and then select folder to save converted TIFF file in your machine.

Start Conversion


Receive Alert Message in Your Screen - Once conversion finishes the software will show you the message as "Completed" as below image..

Conversion Completed

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