Read MSG Files without Outlook

(In this part of the article you will learn how to open and read saved Outlook .msg files of emails without actually using Outlook.)

The .msg files are created by or saved by Outlook email applications. This file contains information about date of the message, the subject, who sent it, who received it and the contents of the email associated with the email file. If attachments are included with an email then that will also be saved.

Let’s consider all the possibilities for MSG file conversion or other alternatives to read the files.

The easiest way to open the Files is by using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 but now you are using Windows Vista and Windows 7 so you cannot do this also.

Best and superb way is to use. This tool will convert all the messages into .eml format which you can use anywhere. These tools will easily converts messages into eml format with all the elements and attachments. Then you can easily import those converted EML files into email applications like Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird Mail, Mac Mail, etc which are supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can use software by downloading it from the links given below with proper steps to follow to use the software.

View PST files without Outlook

(Now we will explain about PST Viewer tool which helps to Read and View PST files without actually installing Outlook.)

PST Viewer is a freeware tool which will help you to read any orphan PST file of Outlook from any of its version. It has number of advantages. If you download this tool you will not have to buy any of the Outlook version. Also there is no limitation of size, it can read files of any size. Attachment view is also available. Moreover, you don't need to configure any account to it just simply browse the file and email view is ready. Its view is just like Outlook resembles. All foldres sequence will also be remain same with all the email formatting. It will allow you to view corrupted PST files too, you don't need to know about the Outlook version from which this file belongs to as ot will support file from all versions. You can also view password protected files using this software. Most amazingly software will run both on Windows and Mac OS. To view and read .pst file you can download tool and that too in free of cost.

Working of the Softwares

To know more about the PST Viewer and about using this software you can Read More..

To know more about MSG to EML Convetrer Read Below:

Following are the steps to convert the messages of .msg format:

Download the software

Run and Install the program

Add MSG files or folder

Now click ‘Convert to EML’. Select the location to save converted files

can be used to convert .msg files into .eml files which are supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7. With the converter you can read each file in that particular folder or you can make one folder for all the messages.

Message saved within Microsoft Outlook contains multiple e-mail fields, including the date, sender, recipient, subject, and message body; this tool is compatible to read all the elements separately and all together.

If you have orphan Outlook messages and you want to read each folder separately, using the software is a permanent or practical solution. Its advanced features:

Converts all messages

Preserves original structure

Works perfectly

Batch conversion

User friendly

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Another way is to use freeware tools available online. You can use free software programs to read MSG files without Outlook. But these free tools don’t allow reading the MSG files at once. There you need to read the files one by one and data are also not secured. So you cannot consider this solution because of its less reliability factor.