Gmail to Zimbra Desktop Server Migration — Export Gmail Emails to Zimbra

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Export Gmail Emails to Zimbra

1 - First Use Google Takeout to download Gmail Apps Mail
2 - Use Gmail to Zimbra Desktop Server Migration to Convert Multiple MBOX to .tgz Format
3 - Next, import converted it into Zimbra Desktop

Are you using Google Mail and now want to import all your Google mails in Zimbra Desktop? Usually Zimbra has option of Imapsync Gmail to Zimbra but because of firewall, net issue and lot of sync protocol, synchronizing of Gmail with Zimbra is became next to impossible. So that is why here we are giving you right solution that imports all the Gmail mails into Zimbra. Solution that we are providing is little bit expensive but for sure it gives you 100% accurate result and it is reliable also. Leave all the stress of imapsync Gmail to Zimbra and use the method which is mention below and access Gmail Mails in Zimbra Desktop without any stress.

Google Takeout allow users to download a copy of users stored data stored within Google Products. Users can simply download the data associated with Google Account so that users can use it in many other applications or keep a copy for your records / backup.

Start your Google Takeout download Process

  • Go to My account » Personal info & Privacy » Control your content » click on CREATE ARCHIVE
  • Select the folders/data of Google products you would like to include into your download » select Next
  • Choose the file type that you would like your exported data in (.zip, .tbz) and how you need to get it (you can also download link or download directly in your Google Drive)
  • Now click on Create archive

Once the data archive is created, you will get mail to let you know "data archive" is ready. Depending on the volume of information in your data, Process could take a few second, minutes or hours, but most of the time one can get their link on same day of request.

Note - Visit this page to know the complete process of Google Takeout to download your data.

After having Google apps data, next step which you have to follow is convert exported Google mails (MBOX) to TGZ format, Use MGmail to Zimbra Migrator software and convert your MBOX files to TGZ format, it allows you to convert Multiple MBOX files to TGZ format, if MBOX files having 50000 mails then software will creates single TGZ file for all data.

This software also work as Gmail to Zimbra Migrator which convert MBOX Files to TGZ format, software retains all the emails rich-text formatting and attached files and directories and also keep attachments into their original format. Use this tool to convert Google Apps Export mailbox to TGZ format. For more details follow the link and know the more about product.

  • It converts countless MBOX Mailboxes to TGZ files format
  • Maintains all the rich-text elements of emails and convert attachments with their relevant messages
  • You can Import converted TGZ files to Zimbra for all Zimbra desktop versions including Zimbra 8.5.

If you want to try software first, then you can use its trial version that converts first 25 mails of MBOX file into TGZ format. Don't miss the chance to use software for free.

FREE Download Now
For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Buy Online at $99.00
Order & get full-featured software

Once you convert Gmail MBOX files to TGZ format then you can easily import into any TGZ file supported Zimbra desktop edition.

  • Open your Zimbra Desktop » go to preference tab from menu bar
  • Click on Import/Export from left side
  • Now, click on "browse" option and navigate to .tgz folder
  • Click to "Import" button to start importing process

After completing above three steps users can successfully perform Google Apps to Zimbra Desktop Migration. To migrate from Gmail to Zimbra, all you have to use Gmail to Zimbra Migrator to convert downloaded Google apps mails to TGZ format, further import converted TGZ file to Zimbra Webmail to complete the task of importing Gmail to Zimbra.