Convert Google Takeout MBOX File to Outlook

Information to convert Gmail Takeout MBOX File to Outlook using Gmail to Outlook Converter Tool

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Google Takeout Backup

Apart from all these features you can't deny the fact that Gmail is only web based mailing system. Its major drawback is that it doesn't have any desktop or offline version. Also people are moving to other email clients like Outlook, eM Client, Windows Live Mail and etc.

Most of the users who are working and that's why they have to use Outlook or love to work with Outlook. They have to migrate from Gmail to Outlook mailing system and for that Convert gmail to Outlook.Being desktop compatible Outlook email client allow to configure or add gmail mail to outlook. But sometimes due to a lot of problems lets say correct Port or firewall issues one is unable to add gmail mails to outlook. Another option is to export Google Takeout MBOX File and then import Google Mail to Outlook.

Export Google Takeout MBOX File

To convert Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST, First step is to take backup of Gmail using Google Takeout

    To Export Google mail to Outlook, just follow the simple steps and make sure you are connected to internet properly. Open your browser.

  • Login to Gmail Account
  • Go to My Profile at the right most corner of the Account Picture.
  • Another Window will be open. In Personal info & Privacy click on Control Your Content
  • Choose Create Archive OR Simply login to ""
  • In Download your Data SectionSelect Data to Include
  • Select None firstly & Select only "Mails"(if you dont want to take backup of any other data.)
  • Click Next >> Customize download format & File type.
  • Select .zip format and Delivery Method as "Send Download Link via email"
  • In Details section, Click on Download
  • OR
  • Go to the previous window of your mails a link of data to download will be send to you in some time. Download that .zip folder.

Google Takeout

If not clear or for more details Follow the Link

It can be NOTED that You can take MBOX file of all the mails at a time or You can select the labels according to you need. Whether you want to take backup of only Inbox or Sent or any other label. It totally depend on you but it will create gmail takeout mabox file only, for the mails.

Label Selection

Import Gmail to Outlook

If you are looking forward to read emails of gmail takeout mbox file then follow import Gmail to Outlook steps

How to Use Gmail to Outlook Converter:

Import Gmail to Outlook

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FREE Download Now
For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Buy Online at $39.00
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