Email Investigation EML Format Converter Tool

Fast, accurate and reliable Forensic Converter tool which help you to find out evidence from emails and media files. Save emails as Adobe PDF format with accurate email source formatting and header source formatting with precise details.

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Reason to Choose This forensic Tool

Software supports over 25+ emails clients for the conversion, and not only convert emails from email client store location, it supports to read emails from USB, external drive, hard drive, etc. This tool can save your time, provide you accurate results that would you need for e-discovery and observance.

This Software keep emails as in their standards formats during conversion process, convert large numbers of emails without demanding and without any extra time. It gives you precise and all details of your directory so that you can easily get the information that what you looking for.

For legal investigation and for observance the forensic tool is the right choice for emails conversion in PDF format for legal appearance.


Trial is very important so that users can judge the tool & the ability of Software
Trial version convert 1 email to PDF.

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Awesome Software Features

Features of Software that will help you in the conversion process

Folder Selecting Option

Software has Batch files conversion option so that users can convert batch files at a time. You have multiple emails in a folder & you would like to save all emails as PDF then this feature will help you, multiple files conversion option will convert unlimited emails at a time.

Wide Options of File Renaming

Software has wide options of converted file renaming, so that users can as converted files as per their need, Software offers 10 file naming options to save converted files like subject + From + Date, Date + From + Subject, Date + (YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS) + Subject + From, etc.

Save Attached Document

Software successfully save attached files/ folders/ data with emails, software offers two different options to save attached documents. Save embed attachments with emails or you can choose the option of save embed emails attachments in separate folder.

Read Mails of 25+ Emails Clients

Software can read emails of 25+ emails clients, users can convert emails from Windows Live Mail, Spicebird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, DreamMail, SeaMonkey, eM Client, Berkeley, The Bat, Mac Mail, Entourage, etc.

Save Accurate RTF Formatting

Software maintain accurate emails RTF (Rich-text-formatting) formatting while conversion process and gives accurate results. Save emails header formatting (from, Bcc, To, Cc, subject, time, data, etc), hyperlinks, image, color format, lines, tables, font, text format, etc.

Runs on Windows OS

Software is based on Windows Operating systems, users can run this software only on Windows OS based machines, it is fully compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 98 and other Windows OS versions.

Accurate Email formatting Acquisition

This tool gives you Accurate Aata as it was before Conversion Process

Email Before Conversion

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Email After Conversion

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Software handles large numbers of messages and attached files and huge email having folders. EMLtoPDF Converter software can restore all the EML emails to PDF format with data acquisition.

Email Header Coding Before Conversion

Same Email with Header Extracted by This Software

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