We are having Three Forensic Tools

EML Files to Word DOC Converter

This Software will help their users to convert EML emails into Word Document format. Tool can convert EML files into any version of Word Document format.

EML File to Adobe PDF Converter

It enable users to save EML emails from various emails clients into Adobe PDF file format along with all emails RTF formatting and all the attached files and documents.

Outlook MSG Files to PDF Converter

It allow users to convert multiple MSG files from Outlook into PDF format. It supports to convert MSG files from all MS Outlook versions to PDF format without any error.

Email Forensic EML data to PDF Conversion Tool

Accurate Emails Data and Information Acquisition for Collecting Evidence from Emails

Forensics Tool for Emails Conversion in PDF Document Format

In today’s Arena we are having lots of networking and online services which are providing services for online chatting, online video conferencing, sending emails, uploading images, sending messages, data, folders, videos, etc. This has also given rise to digital, online, internet crime rate. So our Forensic tool is our one of the most useable and most wanted e-discovery tool that will straightforwardly save emails as Adobe PDF file format and maintain all emails header and source details in PDF.

It will helped users to collect all the evidence and proof from their set of emails and users can analyze the emails source with precise details. Since software perform emails conversion to PDF so that users can easily protect the PDF file and save the data for their case appearance and compliance.

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Email Forensics EML to DOC Converter Tool

Accurate Output Result for Giving Accurate and Precise Results and make your data Intact

Forensics Tools for Emails conversion in Word Document (DOC) format

We have another e-discovery tool which is EML to DOC conversion tool, sometime we need some details is Word Document format for editing or for some various reasons, The EML to DOC conversion is very productive program for lawyers and researcher, using this program they can easily convert their researchers and evidences in word document formats so that they can easily edit and add some required data to their directories.

When users convert their data to doc format tool will maintain all the details as it is (without any alteration and error), we know that single information can change the whole scene so it maintain all the emails details, all RTF coding, source coding and email coding in a right way and with precise data.

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MSG Email Forensic to PDF Conversion Tool

This tool is for users who want their data in Adobe PDF document for their legal appearances

Investigation tool for converting MSG files as PDF

When we suspected something from digital world there are so many thinks which in front from us like emails, videos, data, emails coding etc, but our genuine users are more forward from the need of research and the matter from technical point of view. We have one more digital analyzer tool which converts Outlook Messages into Adobe Document format. Microsoft Outlook is most useable emails client and it save single messages as an .MSG files so this forensic Converter tool will convert MSG files into PDF Document format without single error and it maintain accurate emails source coding in PDF file to give precise results.

This digital emails xaminer tool will have all the quality that’s a users need when they analyzing and examine digital file, it saves accurate emails coding with very small details in PDF file, so that users ready their directory for legal appeases and collect evidence for their cases.

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Our History

We have launched software which is just a normal tool that converts EML emails in PDF format, which has no forensics qualities but we regularly get the forensic related queries.

When we regularly getting queries from lawyer and users from forensic filed then we decided to upgrade it to forensic tool.

We upgraded our software as a forensic tool we add some advance features that like file renaming options and update software with fast conversion abilities.

We add more file renaming option to our forensic software and made it more fast and easy.


Yes – During the conversion process software intact the emails Rich-text formatting with accuracy. It maintains emails RTF formatting and emails source formatting as it is.
Ans – Yes software convert all attached file and folder with emails, you can convert all types of attachments.
Ans – Yes we made all this software for forensic purposes; software convert emails with accurate emails formatting and intact all details with files.

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