Steps to Convert EML Files to PDF

Steps to know how to Convert EML File Format to PDF Format are described below:


Download >> Install >> Launch from Start >> All Programs >> Software in any Windows OS. Make sure to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (9.5 or below version).

Launch Tool


Select EML Files: Two options for EML files selection

1. Add EML files(s): Click on this button, go to the EML files store location, then select EML files one by one or press Ctrl + Click on the EML files for multiple selection.

2. Add Folder having EML file(s): Use this option to select the whole folder of EML files at once (make sure you have all EML save in single folder).

(Make sure the "show hidden files & folders" option in your machine is selected).

Add EML Files


Click on the folder button and you will be asked by the software to choose a location to save the emails after conversion. After choosing saving location choose File naming Option: Here you can choose in what order you will like to save the EML files after converting them into PDF. By default it will save them in original file name.

Select File Naming Format


When conversion is over you will get an alert message that the conversion process is complete

Conversion Completed


After this, go to the location where you have saved the converted PDF files, there can see all the EML files which you have choose to convert into PDF.

Open any PDF file> to see how well they are converted. On the bottom of the left side you can see an attachment icon , click thereto open your attachment file. If you have chosen to save them separately then you can see them in the attachment folder at same location where converted PDF files are saved.

Location of the attachment may vary according to the Windows & Adobe Reader Version you are using.

Open Converted PDF File

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