MDaemon Crashed and its Data Recovery

by Admin
March 17, 2016

How to Recover Data from Crashed Mdaemon Mail Server – MDaemon is widely known mail server which is mostly user by enterprises to run manage their businesses. MDaemon have different features and work functionalities from other mail server. MDaemon saves its data in .mrk, Hiwater.mrk, IMAP.MRK (AddrBook.mrk, Calendar.mrk, Notes.mrk).

It is always suggested if you are working with any of the data you must keep the backup of that, so that if any problem occurs you have a backup to continue with our efficient work. There can be many reasons where you can lose data or due to which you must have backup so that those reasons will not affect your original data.

MDaemon stores its data at the configured location with the name of MDaemon, if you have installed MDaemon in C drive then it would be like C:\MDaemon\.

So it’s quite easy to take backup of the whole data. You must keep a copy of the data in another drive let’s say D:\MDaemon.

Reasons of losing the data?

1 – If MDaemon has been crashed

2 – It has been crashed suddenly and you are unable to figure out the reason

3 – If your windows has been crashed

4 – If you want to switch data and applied the wrong guides there are lots of chances you can lose you all data.

5 – You are willing to upgrade your software but have not followed the exact terms and conditions.

6 – If you are switching to any other OS and forcefully trying to deal with data, there are a lot chances data can corrupt.

7 – If trash has not been deleted timely.

So it is always suggested to have a backup plan of every situation, thus you must create backup of all your data from MDaemon email applications. You must keep in mind about the drawback of not keeping backup, as it can always cause harm to your data.

If you have MDaemon backup, then you can easily recover data from crashed Mdaemon Mail Server with the help of MDaemon Data Converter tool. Using this software you can easily collect data (Contacts, Mailboxes, Notes, Calendar, etc) form crashed MDaemon to different email clients and document format. Use MDaemon Data Migration tool and recover MDaemon crashed / corrupt data to Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Adobe PDF, HTML (browsing format), RTF format, Outlook PST format, Outlook 2011 for Mac, etc.