Convert Zoho Mail to PDF

by Admin
February 19, 2016

We agree Zoho is one of the best solution which is currently in trend and provides number of services like Mails, Contact, CRM, Invoices, etc. If you are a user of Zoho Mail service then let it be clear that it doesn’t provide it desktop version.

Now, if we talk about PDF then it is well known safe and portable document format. There can be n number of reasons when we require to save most of the documents in PDF Format as it is considered as only document format which has features like password protection, non-editable text. Even more save and less file size than images. It can attach signatures with it too which can’t be edited later.So, similarly you can be in need to save Zoho Mail as PDF.

So, if you are looking for any option like Zoho Mail will provide extract option or export option to directly save all the mails in PDF format then let us tell you till now there is no such option provides by Zoho Mail Service. If you will export any of the folder then it will allow you to download as a .zip folder after extracting that folder you will found emails with which you can’t open without help of any of email client like MS Outlook. Read More..

As a conclusion there is no manual way which will help you in save zoho mail as pdf. The only alternative method is third party tool. Before converting you must know to export Zoho Mail emails.

To export Zoho Mail backup follow the steps:

  1. First Log in Zoho Business Mail Account and Select for Settings option


         Log in Zoho Mail and Click on Settings icon >> Go to Older Settings

  1. Click on Import/ Export Option >> Select folder to Export e.g INBOX in export section.
  2. Select Export all Messages (you can choose for the particular time duration too.) >> Click Export.


Save Zoho Mail as PDF

Next step is to Convert Zoho Emails to PDF Format or to save Zoho mail as PDF use third party tool like Zoho Mail to PDF Converter. You can convert large number of files with the help of Zoho Mail to PDF Converter, also there will be no change in any formatting as it retains all the email formatting. It provides an amazing feature of keeping all the attachments embed in the PDF or if you want to save in different folder then it will also be possible using this software. It also has another feature which will allow you to save Zoho mail as pdf with file naming format of your choice. It provides 9 file naming options from which you can choose.

Try its trial version which will allow you to convert Zoho Mail to PDF but only its first 10 mails. If you want to further save Zoho mail as pdf then you can buy its full licensed version.

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